Growth Program

Dat ecosystem growth program provides mentorship and support to the builders of the Dat ecosystem.

How does it work

Ecosystem Growth Program Process

Dat ecosystem garden is support for open source projects that strengthen P2P foundations with a particular focus on builder tools, infrastructure, research, community resources and other public goods.

Phase 1


1 - Application

Introduce your project


2 - Evaluation

We will evaluate if project fits Dat ecosystem's broader vision and how can we best support it

3 - Consoritum

Consortium members will decide what resources are available in given moment to help the project grow

Phase 2


Milestone 1

Regular check-ins and feedback during your milestone

Milestone 2

Regular check-ins and feedback during your milestone

Milestone 3

Regular check-ins and feedback during your milestone

Launch 🚀 🎉

Support with testing and launch


How to qualify

Data monopolies hold and enclose upon personal and public datasets, threatening privacy, access control and universal access.

To tackle this problem, we joined forces in the Dat ecosystem and in collaboration with researchers, librarians, activists, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and civic technologists develop technologies and applications, built on peer-to-peer capabilities.

Open Source

Modularity & Technical Inclusion

Local First & Cloudless

Social Impact & Cooperative Ownership

Data Sovereignty & Access Control

Program's Role

P2P garden

Growth program is designed as a P2P garden and is here to offer a wide scope of support for the projects.

Tech Mentorship

Chat Support with other Program Members

Regular Office Hours

Launch Support

Regular Individual Check-Ins

Community Support

Collaboration on events, meetups, and webinars

Support with milestone announcements

Guidance with community building

Ecosystem Support

Introduction to relevant projects

Regular office hours to give feedback and answer questions

Support with strategy and interoperability

Dat ecosystem

Growing P2P Projects

Dat ecosystem aims to grow a robust network of interoperable P2P projects in an open and inclusive way.

Ecosystem project

Participates in Ecosystem growth program

Gets introduced in a blog (all selected projects in this batch)

Gets introduced to other projects

Gets to present on Dat ecosystem events

Can get their channel on Discord/Cabal

Can apply for micro funding from the common pool (Open Collective)

Can help with mentoring , organizing events and fundraising

Take Action!

Start building

Do you think you are finally ready to start building your own P2P project? Apply here and we will make sure you get all the support you need to get started and to grow your idea.

Apply for the Ecosystem Growth Program

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