Governance body that supports the collaboration, interoperability and manages community resources.

Dat ecosystem manifesto

Role and responsibilitites

Governed by individuals who came together to achieve the following goals. Members of consortium are contributing to the ecosystem as volunteers.


Coordinating the Ecosystem growth program

Managing shared resources

Discussing and planning interoperability features and standards

Mentoring Ecosystem growth program projects

Bi-weekly meetings with agenda

Forming just-in-time working groups

Fundraising - organizing events, community building, communication


Alexander Cobleigh Cabal

Serapath PlayProject/DatDot

Diego Paez Geut/Sher

Franz Heinzmann Arso/Sonar

Kevin Faaborg Ara

Martin Heidegger Consento

Mauve Agregore

Nina Breznik PlayProject/DatDot

Paul Frazee Atek/Beaker

Our Vision


Our mission is to foster exchange, mutual support and global cooperation among Dat project and to advocate for user rights and a decentralized democratic society. To achieve these goals, Dat Ecosystem supports you by connecting you with us with its extensive resourcess, taking your Hypercore project to the next level.

Advocating for users' rights and a decentralized democratic society

Promoting science, civic tech, organizing, education and arts from a decentralized perspective

Conducting research, community activities, seminars and conferences

Strengthening the adoption and understanding of Hypercore protocol and decentralized Projects worldwide

Fostering exchange, mutual support and global cooperation among Dat Ecosystem Projects

Open collaboration

Tools We Use

Consortium group documents all aspects of collaborative and decision making processes in the Dat ecosystem by using the following tooling. We aim to use open source apps when possible and planning to move to ecosystem built p2p tools as soon as possible.

communication, coordination & updates

Meeting notes & planning

code repositories & organizing with issues

public communication

fundraising & fiscial sponsorship

online meetings

talks & conference videos

online conferencing

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